Testimonials - Providence Immigration Lawyer | RI deportation attorney
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Excellent Lawyer
Claudia Gregoire is one of the best immigration lawyer in Rhode Island. She is always willing to travel the extra mile for her clients. Her honesty and brilliance in the field are incredible. She is not the type of attorney who will take any offer just for the sake of it. If she is unable to help, she will let you know from the start.
Choosing her is the smartest choice anyone can do. I highly recommend her.
– M.B.

Claudia helped me to obtain additional paperwork needed to insure that my internationally adopted daughter would have additional protection within the current political climate. Although my daughter is a citizen, I wanted as many layers of protection as I could for her. Claudia is thorough, patient, expedient and knowledgeable. I feel so much more at ease and I am so glad I worked with her on this. If you have the opportunity to obtain her services, don't hesitate.
– J.D.

Madam Claudia was very professional helping me with my fiancé petition. She explained clearly the process involved that I was able to understand. She was easy to talk to and always returns my calls. Bottom line is she is honest and cares about her clients and put their interests on top of every thing. I recommend her service to anyone. Thank you Ms Claudia.
– S.S.

I have sought legal advice from Claudia on multiple occasions and can say with confidence that she is one of the most competent lawyers I have met. She has not only an exceptional grasp of law to make one feel assured, but also the cultural breadth to reach people across backgrounds and a hard-to-miss sense of care and responsibility for her clients.
– E.H.

Claudia is knowledgeable, professional patient and thorough. After consulting with a number of lawyers I'm glad that I retained Claudia's services for my case. She explained the immigration process to us clearly treated us with dignity and respect, made us feel like family and understood about our hardship. She genuinely cares about her clients and is a hard worker and most important she is very good at what she's doing.
I'm very satisfied with her services and would highly recommend her to anyone with immigration issues.
– A.A.

I found Claudia Gregoire to be an exceptional immigration attorney whom was informed on the subject matter, diligent in making sure we had all information beforehand and essentially held my hand throughout every step of the process. I could not recommend her highly enough.
– S.R.

Claudia nous a fourni des informations précieuses concernant notamment l'obtention de notre carte verte, les délais, les conditions, les obligations et interdictions - informations claires, accessibles et compréhensibles, étayées des textes de loi afférents. Réactive, professionnelle et possédant de grandes qualités humaines d'écoute, de compréhension et d'échange, Claudia est une avocate à laquelle, si nécessaire, nous referons appel sans hésiter, et que nous recommandons sans l'ombre d'un doute.
– M.P.

I have very good experience with Claudia Gregoire. I have known Claudia since 2011 and she has assisted me in several ways. First getting my daughter paper work to get her US passport and birth abroad. Then she assisted my wife with her green card and later her US Citizenship. Recently Claudia assisted my sister in getting her green card and filing everything with immigration. Claudia goes above and beyond to serve her clients in my experience.
– B.Y.

My wife and I were in need of representation in dealing with the USCIS for processing Resident Alien Status and subsequently Naturalization.
Anyone who has half a brain knows that ``one does not simply interact with the federal government`` without crossing their T's and dotting their I's.
I met Claudia and knew instantly she was HONEST. (very important). She was genuinely concerned with our case and treated us with dignity, addressing our concerns with the attention and detail that they deserved.
Claudia met with my wife and I multiple times requesting and reviewing documents, playing out possible scenarios, keeping us updated on progress and always advising us with professionalism and courtesy enabling us to make informed decisions about serious matters.
Time spent with Claudia felt like time spent with family or close friends for the simple fact she took a vested interest in seeing our American dream come true. Right after my wife took her oath we registered her to vote and now she is one of us.
Throughout the process I never felt unaided and would (and have) recommend Claudia to represent folks who need diligent and concise legal execution.
– W.N.

I definitely recommend her service to anyone! She is the best! Ms. Claudia Gregoire is an excellent and trustworthy lawyer.
Ms. Claudia Gregoire, I thank you for all your work, due to which I became an American citizen!
– D.N.

Attorney Claudia Gregoire is the best lawyer someone could ask for. She was extremely helpful in my situation and she did an excellent work. I highly recommend her for anyone; you will be surprised of how awesome she is!!!
– E.B.

A Claudia foi minha salvação! Depois de eu preencher e enviar a solicitação de viagem / reenvio, eu percebi (apenas 2-3 semanas antes da partida), que meu pedido não seria aprovado em tempo para a data de viagem marcada. Eu tinha visto alguns outros advogados de imigração antes na área de Providence, no entanto, não senti que meu caso era interessante para eles. Então, eu decidi que encontraria outro advogado para o meu caso. Liguei para Claudia e ela fez o possível para poder me encaixar no horário dela naquele mesmo dia. Ela foi super informativa, simpática e genuína. Com seu plano, Ela me fez sentir confiante de que eu estaria recebendo o meu aviso de aprovação no prazo necessário para a viagem. Ela me deu orientação sobre o que eu precisaria e me assegurou que ela estaria a cada passo para ajudar. Ela também estava disponível por e-mail se eu tivesse alguma dúvida, o que ela respondeu de forma competente. No final, recebi meus documentos no prazo! Se não fosse por ela, teria perdido uma oportunidade única de estudar e viver uma experiência enriquecedora no exterior. Eu recomendo o escritório de advocacia de Claudia Gregoire. Se você quer profissionalismo, cuidado e resultados - Conte com a Claudia!
– H.P.

My record for citizenship was not as perfect as it should be, but I am so thankful that I chose Attorney Claudia Gregoire to handle my case. My mind was totally at ease after my first visit. She was extremely helpful, and the results were very successful. Today I am happy to say that I know a great law firm where I can refer my friends and family to. Thank you.
– Jean

I was so happy to find Claudia because she speaks French. She had explained well divorce and immigration. Talking with her was so easy. After some months, I won my permanent green card, although I divorced my husband who was American citizen.
– Clemence

Claudia was my lawyer who supported my application for my US Citizenship. She was very professional. Right from the start, the application process went very smoothly. She always notify me in advance about the next steps in the process. She thoroughly prepared me for my interview. I recommend Claudia to anyone who is interested in applying for their US Citizenship.
– Francois

When we were looking for a lawyer we called a couple of places but it was difficult to reach out to them. But with Claudia, she made it so easy to talk to. She was friendly and made us feel comfortable. Whenever we had questions we could just text her and she'd answer right away. We would recommend Claudia to anyone!!
– X.W.

Claudia worked professionally with DHS and the Judge and was able to get my case terminated on the first court date. I was very surprised and ecstatic. I highly recommend Claudia!